Do your homework

After schooling we missed out on a very important word "Homework"

This nostalgic word surely will take some of us in school days but what's more important is this word was not meant just for school days but for lifetime, personal and professional.

We'll not discuss about personal life impact but only professional one and that too limited to job hunt to be precise.

Here when we talk about doing our homework prior applying we mean that you should go through below checklist to make sure you get appropriate response on it.

  • You're eligible in terms of requirements
  • Proofread you job application form & cover letter many times
  • Apply for a relevant opening rather than just sending in resume for any opening
  • Do a search about organization working, culture, technologies & clients if available
  • Make sure you go through JD ( Job description ) in details prior applying
  • Just dropping an email won't help reach out to concern to let them know you sent your CV.
  • Let employers know how keen you are to associate with them & how you can make a difference
  • Last but not the least be consistent in you search & don't give up if you don't hear from them.

Signing Off for today..!!

with a small saying that we believe in "You must never ever stop getting better"

Best Regards