Blog 7 : Fresher Graduate? - Be ready with these skills

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29th April 20 | 10:40 pm | Jaipur

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Fresher Graduate? - Be ready with these skills

We try our best not to mention Covid-19 in any of the posts, but then you cannot really ignore the impact it has & will have even in the future. If you're a graduate or about to complete graduation or have recently completed, this post may be helpful.

Fresher Graduate? - Be ready with these skills, Conscious Foundation Blog
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Most organizations are working virtually due to lockdown and they even are planning to keep their workforce virtual. Huge companies are coming up with such statements where they want to cut short full-time offices working in a longer go.

Well, that's what Global leaders are saying, yes you read it right, more than 50% of the workforce will be working virtually even after lockdown. Let's refer a credible report by which says the former CEO and Managing Director of Infosys Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan said more than 1 million(10 Lacs) employees to work from home post lockdown.

With that being said, the question is are we prepared enough to use technology virtually. Are we the best virtual versions of ourselves?

Even if we are experts in our sector/specialty, we may miss the train for spontaneous growth if not equipped with the required skills & technologies.

If you're a little uncertain and worried about your career, please don't. This is nothing but the evolution from one place to another, from one way to another, from one technology to another, nothing more than that.

Remember old banks where bankers used to keep records over file with pen, & then came typewriters & now folks work over computers. No more queue to get passbook updated, it's done always, automatically. So to be precise, virtual working is an evolution, nothing more. What matters is how equipped are we to ride on this change?

HR Experts and Indian companies believe, there will be an urgent need for virtual skills in upcoming times.

Let's have a look at what can be the best suitable virtual skills and if we can acquire these online.

  1. Handling communication: With being online 100%, it's pretty obvious that we are flooded with a lot of communication/notification. These can be important, not so important, and sometimes of no use. So it depends on us that, we set priority and set time to revert or act on these communications. Let us use technology and not let technology to rule us.
  2. Building relationship: When you're learning online, you're obviously virtually interacting with expert team members, from whom you would be learning how to keep relation with team members once you start working with any company. You'll learn to interact, collaborate, integrate for joint projects. So don't wait & start online learning now.
  3. Tech skills: In these times it's very much possible that you fall prey to fake commitments and skills that are not relevant to you by online sales folks. Before you follow up with any online learning classes, please, research that what is the right skill for you, your interest, your expertise. Choose Wisely.
  4. Time Management: It's very important to practice self-time management before your boss tutor point you on your delay schedules. Specifically when you're at home, it's very much possible that you deviate from tasks and end up your day thinking of what has to be done. Try keeping timesheets over dairy or online tracker or cloud software like Time Doctor.

While we have more to add up but for now we'll leave you with the above points & will write another post on how WFH is working.

We wish you all the best for your new WFH scenario.

Let us know more ways that you want to add up in the comments sections below.

Thank you for reading.

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