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28th April 20 | 7:40 pm | Jaipur

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Work From Home - New HR policy

Couple of month before it was thought to be very unusual and uneasy among HR & companies to assign work from Home (WFH). This is not the same case now, with most Tech/BPO and even Media tech companies are trying to adopt a work from home culture.

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For sure the concept of work from home that was criticized in past is now seemed to be new normal and gaining acceptance globally.

HR Experts believe it to be new normal even after lockdown, please don't be shocked if you see this as a new HR Policy in upcoming times.

HR Experts and Indian companies believe WFH is going to be the way forward for most of the organizations in upcoming times. This change will come as big move in terms of meetings, communication, employee-employer relation, credibility, stability, behaviour and many other aspects which we need to study upon.

If we talk about credibility of this news, please click here and see changing times with Global leaders. In a statement TCS is planning permanent WFH for its employees in upcoming 4-5 years from now, who have 90% its work force currently in WFH.

In a personal discussion with Content writer who works at a Software company in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, she mentioned: It's a good experience overall where she can start writing assignments prior login time, its a productivity increase for her from 1000 words/ day to 1500 words/day. That's a 50% increment in productivity but again this WFH has its ill effects in terms of silence/support/internet etc.

Below are few points that we think can be challenges in implementing permanent WFM, obviously it will vary person to person and industry to industry.

Let's quickly have a look over it:

  1. We used to judge folks by body language, but now what?. HR Experts say communication must be more transparent and direct rather than the usual HR way.
  2. Productivity and performance will measured in a stricture way. HR & management will need to keep more transparent ways so that employees can self tally performance on real time basis.
  3. Folks are still figuring out on nap times in afternoon post lunch which we used to fight in office premises by going for a walk or fussing tea stalls.
  4. It will be very difficult for companies to make new regulation to get tasks done and active managers will have a all new role to connect with employees at all the time.
  5. Even after offices opens, it will no longer be usual meets like before, we are for sure going to miss group lunches, quick meetup at canteens etc. Social distancing needs to be maintained at all the times. We're figuring out a huge task to implement this by Admin folks who used to sit ideal most of the times.

While we have more to add up but for now we'll leave you with above points & will write another post on how WFH is working.

We wish you all the best for your new WFH scenario.

Let us know more ways that you want to add up in comments sections below.

Thank you for reading.

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