Blog 5 : Read this before you apply for online jobs

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27th April 20 | 4:26 pm | Jaipur

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Read this before you apply for online jobs

Most people are going through uncertainty due to Covid-19, & therefore looking for online or freelancer job opportunity.

Read this before you apply for online jobs
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In this era, the global term seems small and its pretty easy to get a relevant opportunity very easily but similarly you may fall prey to fraud.

You must be aware on how to search projects at right time & place, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown.

No doubt that you may be expert on your domain but then, a right platform can only provide you the relevant opportunities that you deserve.

Below are few points that you can keep in mind while searching for such opportunities, these may not be shield but might help you to get a right passage.

Let's quickly have a look over it:

  1. Make a list of companies you already know or have verified through some sources, it will help you to get timely tasks & good payouts. Now to follow on, write a good template of email and attach Eye Grabbing subject. Salutation followed up exact message, also mention that you have attached CV and try adding up some online links of your past work.
  2. Next big thing requires your enormous patience, that is LinkedIN. One of the biggest business platform with amazing opportunity and big pool of clients. Reverts can take time or in most cases you may not get a timely revert but the more you try, the more are the chances you succeed. Again keep in mind to keep a preformatted message with your CV or work link.
  3. Social Media have immense opportunity, with that being said it also have some of the huge unverified and vulnerable profiles. So you can try following up with them but try doing a verify before you jump in with your application.

While we have more to add up but for now we'll leave you with above options & will write another post on more ways to find online jobs.

Before we leave, we'll put few points to take care while searching online option:

  • Avoid using personal details if source is not verified.
  • Do not share bank details if you don't know about company's whereabouts.
  • Initially you may want to work on lesser payouts but keep getting work timely build online rapport and increase you demand.

We wish you all the best for your job search.

Let us know more ways that you want to addd up in comments sections below.

Thank you for reading.

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